Market report

Num. 44/17 English - 01/12/2017

The last week of november has been characterized by high activity from spanish buyers at the olive oil market.

 The week started with prices up to 3.60 €/kg. for fresh EVOO. But at the middle of the week there was a prices drop, probably due to intense rain fell in Andalucia on Wednesday (over 50 litres per m2). On Friday, 3.50 €/kg was the price for fresh EVOO, raising to 3.55 €/kg. for other varieties like Arbequina. Prices are still dropping down to 3.35 €/kg. for lampant quality.

In general we have to speak about absence of purchasers from abroad of Spain. In this moment, as it is known, Italian are purchasing olive oil from Greece and Tunisia, who provide olive oil at lower prices than Spain.

In addition, December is a month full of bank holidays in Spain. As a result, exportation data from Spain in December will probably be quite below than was expected.