Market report

Num. 45/17 English - 07/12/2017

This has been an atypical week, with two bank holidays before the weekend in Spain, which means that olive oil market has kept similar to the previous week.

Prices remain in the line of 3.50 €/kg. for fresh oils and 3.45 €/kg. for oils produced last crop year. Between Monday and Tuesday there was a notorious demand for lampante, indeed several operations were closed at € 3.45 / kg.  Even so, today Thursday there are no buyers in scene, and market keep quiet.

Warehouses in Almeria and Murcia are full of new olive oil, so, we think that offer will be higher next week.

On the other hand, the international situation keeps being the same. Now Greece is offering EVOO to Spain at 3.50 €/kg.

These days, temperatures are being really low, forecasting -4 degrees in some areas of Andalucia at night. This fact is not alarming because the big part of olive fruit is already mature, and even frozen, these losses temperatures won’t affect the olive oil quality.