Market report

Num. 46/17 English - 15/12/2017

We can inform that Spanish Olive oil market has closed this week as similar range of prices from previous weeks. Last Monday price was 3,50 €/kg. for extra virgin fresh olive oil and 3,45 €/kg. for olive oil produced last crop year. On Wednesday prices went up 5 cents (for every quality), to 3,55 €/Kg. fresh EVOO and to 3,50 €/kg.old olive oils.

On the other hand, the international market situation is next: Greece is offering olive oil at 3,60 €/Kg. and Tunisians are delivering EVOO at 3,40 €/t.

According to statistics, Spanish production has been lower than expected on November. The main reason can be that farmers from Jaen, which is the main producer area, haven´t started collecting of olive fruit. This situation is due mainly to rainfalls.