Market report

Num. 47/17 English - 22/12/2017

We can start this report stating that this has been a “quiet” week in the Spanish olive oil market. The lack of buyers and sellers during these days, due to companies do not have liquidity.

The price has been 3.50/3,57 €/Kg. for fresh olive oil.

Olive oil production is being slow in the area of Jaen, which means that the supply is not very high in this moments, while Córdoba is setting the prices of EVOO at 3.60 €/kg. On the other hand, the areas of Almeria and Murcia have already finished the collection of olive fruit.

We think that prices will remain more or less the same in the next days. The demand is not strong and the offer will continue waiting for stability more time

Rains are forecast for the 26th of December and will last for a period of 8 to 10 days, therefore this rainfalls are crucial for the olive grove to be moisturized for next crop year.


Vegaceites wishes you all a Merry Christmas!