Market report

Num. 04/18 English - 26/01/2018

We can inform that, last Monday, buyers were very active at the Spanish olive oil market. For example, prices for extra virgin olive oils at the origin in Spain is 3,60€/kg-3,65€/kg. While virgin olive oils are being sold at 3,50 €/kg.-3,55 €/kg.

At the end of the week prices fall around 5 cents in every category of olive oil. We think it can be due to the fact that import olive oil from Tunisia is being distributed in most Mediterranean countries like Italy or Spain.

At this moment harvest is ending so, probably, within fifteen days, a ninety per cent of the totally fruit will be finally collected in the largest olive oil producer areas such as Jaén, Granada and Córdoba. We think the expected production will more than likely, be 1.200.000 tn. in Spain.

Regarding to the weather conditions, over 100 litres of rains may be registered next February to help olive grove in its coming crop year.